Time and Again: Reader Reviews

Geoff Stelling, Exceptional Banjos since 1974.
Growing up in the high school environment of the late '50's to early '60's was probably similar in many respects for most teenagers around the USA. School sports, hot cars, and drive-in movies were popular all around the country. Everyday life, on the other hand, could be drastically different for those who had wealthy parents living in the posh suburbs of America's richest metropolitan areas and those who were raised by one responsible parent and had no help from the other. Macy Hayes was in the latter category and her story of survival and ultimate triumph in real love and meaningful life is vividly portrayed in Linda Horton's novel, Time & Again, based on a true life story.

M.A. West, Tyler, Texas:
I saved Time and Again to read while we were on vacation and I can't tell you how great it is! I felt like I was right there seeing what was going on. You are a great writer and story-teller and I can hardly wait until I receive the new book (Time Will Tell). I feel like Macy is someone I have known forever and want to know what has happened to her. Thank you for writing such a lovely book.

A Writers Digest Magazine critique, March, 2004:
Time & Again is a “sweet novel….the characters are fleshed out well….weaving an intricate plot and story line ….the author most certainly researched the subject extensively….is very gifted and has written an interesting novel”

A Review from : Lori K., Kansas
Hi Linda.
    I'm not sure you'll remember me but we met at the banjo workshop in Gatlinburg. My banjo playing husband Matt bought me your book "Time & Again". What a wonderful story. I read about 2 novels a week and this is one of my favorites. I read it in 1 day.. I could not put the thing down. I laughed and cried. I felt like I was a part of the story. Just great. Now hurry with the sequel. I'll be waiting !! Thanks for a great book. God Bless,

A Review From Amazon.com:
Time & Again
Reviewer: A reader from Fresno, Ca United States
Great Book!!! Very inspirational. Couldn't put it down until the end!!! As good as or better than Nicholas Sparks, Richard Paul Evans & Pat Conroy. Would recommend it highly. Can't wait for Horton's next masterpiece!!!

A Review from a CBA (California Bluegrass Assn) music camper:
"Dear Linda,
I read your book with great enthusiasm. Being a "depression child" I could identify with your very vivid description of an impoverished childhood. Being an incorrigible romantic, I found the "second chance" love story most touching. I felt you used dialogue quite effectively, each character having a separate and authentic "voice". I hope the sales are up to the level your good hard work deserves. Keep up your work on the banjo. Perhaps we'll see each other at another music camp."
Chip Northup from Davis, CA

A Review from : S. Swindell from Celeste, Texas
Time & Again is the first novel of seasoned writer and teacher, detective, musician, mother. If Time & Again was not what I expected, the next sentences should explain it all. We have been told not to judge a book by its cover and I did. It is a gorgeous book jacket of inviting fall colors. Idyllic. Linda Horton does go back to rural Texas and to a time of innocence, but for Macy Hayes it was far from a perfect time. Her parents were not that supportive and the family structure was not that stable. Still, Macy acquired some values, a belief system, and standards, which served her well. As one of the breadwinners, Macy at thirteen grew up fast as a carhop--at some of the better tipping establishments in Dallas.
Macy was on her own, even for ways to get back and forth to work. I would hold my breath and my heart would skip a beat when Macy accepted rides with her customers, putting her life in the care of strangers. My heart stopped when Macy looked for friendship in two older drinking buddies.
Behind the backdrop of chocolate malts, Big Bopper, convertibles, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Capri pants is the struggles of a young girl to find her place, to find her love. It wasn't a pretty world and it was in pieces, but from an inner strength, Macy kept adding another layer of cement to a strong backbone.
Time and Again, Macy keeps getting hit below the belt and time and again, she dusts herself off. Time and distance separates Macy from a special friend, but she always carried his memory in her heart. As an established young woman when other friends are looking for love in all the wrong and right places, Macy is true to herself and does something different. She goes in a different direction and looks for her first love.
You can't help hope with Macy that before she learns the banjo (and you know she will), she will have at least closed an uncompleted chapter to a childhood mystery.
During this search, what Macy learns about herself (about her stubbornness when it is not a positive feature), about friendship, about love that lasts forever, about the acceptance of the Divine Power and a purpose for one's life is a story of future possibilities.
Close the book, turn back to the front cover, and you stare with the mature Macy into the future. We have to learn to live with the patchwork pieces, however jagged and frayed, of our past.

Reviewed by S. Swindell, former regular contributor to The Leonard Graphic, (Leonard, Texas), and co- author (with D. Kent and V. Griffis) of Memories in Blue and White, History of Celeste, Texas Schools, Celeste, Texas, 1 of 37 books considered by The Texas Historical Commission for the T.R. Fehrenback Book Award.

"Time And Again" was inspired by a love story that began in 1962. Some of the characters and events are fictitious.