Fear Not : Reader Reviews

...Linda (Horton) has been referred to as "A gutsy lady who never learned to quit." She's proven it in this fascinating, true-to-life story of a woman's struggle to have her place in the world. In "Fear Not," Carolee Cameron is a single mother with two children. Her salary from California Comp and Casualty allows them a comfortable lifestyle. Despite the fact she is one of their best employees, management made it clear that she did not belong there because she's a woman. For five years she endures the rudeness and embarrassment of being ignored until the stress becomes too much. Full-blown anxiety attacks force her to seek the help of a doctor who asks the right questions that lead her to reconsider some of her choices.When she uncovers evidence that her boss is violating the 92 fraud law, she has to dig deep into her past and find the courage to deal with that good-old-boy network.The Madera Tribune review, Madera, CA Feb., 2007

Working for years for reputable insurance companies, I was appalled to find one in the present century who still "picks and chooses" whom it prosecutes
according to wealth and social connections.
But Linda Horton has brought the issue out of the darkness and into the light, as Carolee Cameron exposes the "good old boy's" network, who not only
openly practice this archaic philosophy and work their "women" to the point of sacrificing their health but allow their "men" to reap all the accolades of the
female's hard work, economically as well as being promoted without cause.
The story of how Carolee tried to ride out the wave of the current administration in hopes her hard work and sacrifice would pay off in the end leads her down a slippery slope of disintegrating health, time with her children lost forever, and to what would be the fight of her life, a fight she would see
not as something she wanted to do, but something she had to do, for sanity's sake.
Vicki Ellis Griffis, coauthor of Memories in Blue and White, free lance newspaper columnist for The Celeste Tribune, Greenville Herald Banner, and the Wolfe City Mirror, and author of her upcoming novel, Digging Up Graves.

The story was very enjoyable to read, giving me greater insights as to how the insurance company as a whole values financial results over treating people fairly! The family struggles, stresses of investigative work, being coerced to turn a blind eye (avoid the truth), making employers responsible for their flagrant violations of labor laws and insurance laws, was most interestingly covered. B. Stommel, Fresno,CA