About the Author

Linda Horton has been publishing fiction and non-fiction under the names Linda Horton and Linda F. Highfill since 1987.

Her work has appeared in REDBOOK, THE JOYFUL WOMAN, LIFESTYLES, DR. LAURA'S PERSPECTIVES, THE NASHVILLE TENNESSEAN, NOSTALGIA, THE FRESNO BEE, and elsewhere. She wrote a regular humor column for a monthly periodical, and was a "special assignments" reporter for a local daily newspaper.

Ms. Horton is a California state licensed Private Investigator, specializing in insurance investigations since 1978 and has performed general fact-finding and fraud investigations as well as under-cover camera surveillance (sub rosa). She is also a credentialed teacher, having taught writing for publication, ABE, GED, ESL and citizenship classes for the past ten years. She has drawn from both careers to write pieces including the successful REDBOOK article.

In many short stories and essays such as "Saying So Long To A Kindred Spirit" and "Tellin' Tales", Ms. Horton writes from childhood experiences in rural East Texas. The southern people and lifestyle hold a special place in her heart. She makes it a point, as often as possible, to return to her childhood home in Texas, as well as ancestral homes in Alabama and Tennessee.

Time & Again is Ms. Horton's first novel based on a true story. She has followed that with Time Will Tell and Fear Not, also fact-based stories. She has just completed a non-fiction book as yet untitled, and is working on the sequel to Fear Not.

Ms. Horton is experienced and available for motivational speaking engagements in the areas of education, writing and spirituality. She has successfully pulled herself "up by the bootstraps" from being an eighth grade dropout to a college graduate with honors and a respected professional. She says it has been God who has given her the ability and determination to succeed against seemingly impossible odds.


". . . . an excellent instructor who cares deeply about the success of her students. . . Ms Horton has been instrumental in our 50 % increase in student enrollment this past year by providing a quality instructional experience. I highly recommend her for any teaching assignment she may pursue."
Larry A. Silva, Director of Alternative Programs, Golden Plains Alternative Education Programs

"Linda Horton began teaching Writing For Publication, the first class of it's kind for Madera Adult School, in January, 1998. During the first two sessions, the students came forward and indicated they were enjoying the class so much they wanted it extended and would be happy to pay for the additional classes. . . the first session was extended by two weeks. The summer session was also extended two weeks. Ms. Horton's students' evaluations continue to indicate students are enthusiastic about her knowledge of subject, teaching method and class content. As a result of the success of this class, we have asked Ms. Horton to teach other subjects. . ."
David Hernandez, Community Service Manager, Madera Adult School

"I have been a member of Linda Horton's Writing for Publication classes since 2000. She has helped me gain expertise and confidence. . . My writing is no longer a short description of an event. I have expanded my abilities. . . The product has improved and my short stories have now been published."
Ralph Schleich, Madera, CA

"Linda's ability to constructively edit, or as she puts it: 'kill your babies', has helped my work evolve into sharper prose. Her objective suggestions, based on her experience as a published author, encourage me to strive to improve. As a result of her class, I am more determined than ever to succeed. . . . "
K.R. Morris, Tollhouse, CA

"Linda counts on each of us to bring his or her individual perspective to the class. As we edit one another's work she guides the session, drawing out our best, and adding her own. She is serious about her work, and gives guidance even when it is uncomfortable. Her honesty and courage are an inspiration to us all. A large measure of any success I may achieve belongs to my teacher and friend, Linda."
Donald Hiatt, Fresno, CA

"Linda Horton has been my writing instructor, tutor, mentor, and guide for over two years. I have completed two books under her direction. Her teaching ability and motivation skills are commendable. She instills in her students a feeling of worth, erasing any notion of giving up. And it is her sincere words of encouragement that keep us coming back."
Ben Romero, Fresno, CA