Only Believe
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In Fear Not, Linda Horton's third, highly praised novel based on a true story, we rooted for Carolee Cameron, a California insurance investigator and single mother of two, as she was targeted by the East Coast "good ol' boys' network" who took over the insurance company for which Carolee, for five long years had gone far above and beyond the call of duty. The constant corporate attacks took a huge toll on Carolee's physical, mental, and emotional health until she finally decided to fight back. Per doctors' orders she resigned her position but was determined the Chicago-style thugs would not get away with those tactics.

In Only Believe, we return to Central California months after Carolee's resignation, in time for the legal battle. Carolee has conquered the severe panic/anxiety disorder which was brought on by the Executives' constant harassment and sabotage. Smack-dab in the middle of this corporate battle she's notified that her father has died under suspicious circumstances at his home in Texas. Then she discovers that Travis, her drug and alcohol addicted brother, was living with her father at the time of death and he has, just three days later, produced a notarized Will, allegedly signed two nights before their father's death-the Will gives Travis sole ownership of their father's hundred acres and personal possessions. But, her father's neighbours and the Emergency Room Doctor at the time of death advise Carolee her father would not have been in any condition to know what he was doing on the date that document was signed. Is it murder? Can she prove it? And how will she deal with this added stress and looming battle while fighting the slick corporate attorneys from CC &C?

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Everyday Blessings and Miracles
A NEW book in stores now!

To make her case, she offers twenty-two true, contemporary accounts of life-changing miracles that occurred to everyday people. Many of the stories are shocking, some are funny; but all are inspiring.

If you're facing a trying time and need to be reminded that what God will do for one person He will do for anyone, then this is your book.

Everyday Blessings and Miracles will show you how God turns circumstances around to make us victorious if we only believe. You'll be strenthened to fight another day and gain new confidences that God is in the business of making a way where there is no way.

Fear Not Time & Again Time Will Tell

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